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Monday, 29 June 2015

Calgary Womens Run: 37 years of FAB!

OMG!! Do you remember this??  
(I know..this is totally giving away my age!!)
Bonne Bell! c'mon! Admit it. You had a collection. I totally did. That is until my little sister ATE the orange, strawberry and Root beer ones. Heartbreak ensued in my pre-teen years when I found her tiny bite marks in MY Lip Smackers ... oooh the memories! So what the heck am I goin on about Bonne Bell for? little trip down memory lane has to do with running, to be sure. Bonne Bell was the first sponsor of the Calgary Women's Run ...

This year the Calgary Women's Run turns 37!
Yup, 37 doesn't seem that old, does it?  But it's one of Canada's oldest women's runs.
Back in the Day...CWR circa 1981:
HEY I had those shorts!
Back in 1979, the Calgary Roadrunners Club was contacted by Bonnie Bell Canada about the creation of a10km run series for women. (Back then, Bonnie Bell Cosmetics and Avon were leaders in the push to get more women into running AND get long distance running into the Olympics).

I was surprized when a pal of mine didnt realize that 1984 was the first year Women participated in the Marathon at the Olympics. (She was born that year!) Do you remember that momentous occasion?? I sure do! I remember several of my grade 10 teachers talking about it.

Sooo...the Calgary Roadrunners Club, added this race to their schedule of events ... and the rest is history (click that history tab to read up on the race)!

I have joined in on this fun race since 2011 - and look forward to celebrating in style again this year. It's a great race, has amazing prizes and is a great (aka fun, fast, flat) route. Who doesn't like to run along the river? AAAAND - early bird ends on July 1. So, come join me -- there is a 5k and a 10k distance - great for everyone! 

Race swag has always been great. There's been jewelry or bags in past couple years. This year's FAB swag (if you register BEFORE July 23) is handmade fused glass pendants from NikNaks! The design is a secret, but her designs are beautiful - and have been given as AG prizes at other local races.

Last year I received a gift certificate from Lakeview Bakery - I used the certificate to purchase pizza crusts, bread and even a few treats over several months. Yup, score on such a useful prize! One of my other girlfriends won a year of yoga, another some gorgeous jewellery. One of gals I work with her mom won a new bra and another of my running pals got new trainers! Seriously....awesomeness.
 some snaps from last year ...

REGISTER for the race HERE. IT costs $40 - which is a pretty good deal. The volunteers, sponsors make it worthwhile. NOT TO MENTION that every year the race gives back significantly to the community. This is something I really like. This year's proceeds will be donated to :
Connections Counselling and Consulting Foundation - a registered charity that provides family support to parents with an intellectual disability and their children, and individual counselling to persons with an intellectual disabilities.
I figure...local, awesome prizes and a great group of runners to make your day. Sounds like a plan to me. Hope to see you out there -- race day is August 23rd!!

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Rocky Mountain Soap Run: FABulous as Always

Weeeeeeeeee! That was fun!

Sometimes when so much awesome happens in a weekend, it is hard to put it into words. And sometimes when you have a particularly busy week you also forget to publish said blog about #allthefab!

This past weekend, I went out to the mountains to run. The Rocky Mountain Soap Women's Run (in the gorgeous town of Canmore, Alberta) is one of my FAV races. And even though it was a week before the Calgary Marathon, I still was determined to do it. Through a bit of a crazy story, I ended up sighing up for a halfmarathon (OOPS!) and a 10k on the Saturday and Sunday. It was a fantastic weekend away - pretty much unplugged and away from it all.
Check out my past recaps - 2013 & 2014: Further proof of how awesome this race is! 

Here is the weekend wrap-up in pics....

The package pickup is always fun! I like volunteering for it, and picked up for myself and friends.
Wicked Graft! 
Off we went...for a weekend of laffs in the best setting ever. 
Yup. The view from our hotel is pretty sweet. 
While I cleaned out my bladder (yes...use 2 tabs of polident for a clean as a whistle job), 
 Tara poured herself some special hydration. She was volunteering in the morning...I was running. So she could wine it up. I decide to wait until after the half to wine. 
 Morning of the first race is gorgeous. A little cool, but it's going to get warm. The finish line is being set up with our post race goodies...and they are prepping the scented clothes for the finish!
Best portapotty...with refreshing spray...Relieve tension pre-race!!
The race starts...and it is one hilly sonofagun. But I know this. But in all is gorgeous!
The volunteers rock! I run into Tara at 10km or so. She gives me a high 5 and a big hug to keep up the pace. Then a few runners after me keep on hugging her. HAHA. 
For the most part, I feel strong and happy. Its a great day to run. I realize once I get to 15k that I may not make my time goal, but I push on (the last 6km is a HELLA steady uphill climb) in the heat. With the mantra of one more mile...10 more minutes...keep pushing. By far the hardest half I have done. But damn it is glorious. 
I finish and run into Simon Donato and Chandra Crawford
We have a nice visit and a few laughs...
And then it is off for a quick stop before lunch.
I  convince Tara to stop across the way of the Nordic Centre so i can have an "ice bath".
I am feeling FAB after the run...was 5 mins slower than my fastest time this year - on flat-ass route - so its a great run. I really like my first 15km pace-wise. Sort of lost the plot on those last 6km. But I've no time to pout or be upset about a missed PB. I've got a 10km race in the morning. Seriously, it's not the same as a flat race. All hills all the time. Yet, out here the mountains make it ALL better.
Wine also helps make anything better!
Before we know it we are back up and back atter for Day 2! 
The race is over before we know it! I felt great the whole 10k...a little rough at the very end, and I have a hard time pushing for a last kick. But man! Feelin fantastic. 
Only a couple minutes off last years 10k time, too. BONUS! 
I convince Tara I need another dip. I peel off the socks and ...head on in. COLD, but awesome!
We are pooped, but energized. AND starving. AND thirsty. 
So before heading home, we decide to celebrate with some patio time
And a drink. Or two. 
Man. A great run (or two), some mountain air, a gorgeous view and Strongbow.
Pretty Damn FABulous. 

I think you might see now why this is one of my all time FAV runs!
Neither of the runs were personal bests. But they were the perfect antidote for what had been missing in my life for a little while. That lovely perfectly happy run. The hills on this course are big, mean, and not at all easy. Personal Bests are difficult to get here. But I got something way more important -  a peaceful mind and a happy heart. I delivered two fantastic back-to-back runs. I felt stong, and I was not really sore. YES! My training was working. The joy of running was put on a platter. I chose to take THAT rather than obsess with what the garmin said. I chose to feel happy and proud of my accomplishment. Running a halfmara followed by a 10k the next day isn't easy. It is especially not easy in higher elevation and with a whole lotta hills. But I ate those hills for breakfast. And came back for more the next day. I did not use words like BUT or ONLY to describe my runs.
I much prefer that mindset.
Hells to the YEH!

What an amazing weekend. I am now super stoked for Calgary Mara which is in 7 short days! 
Bring on #allthefun #alltheFAB

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

National Running Day

Tomorrow is National Running Day!
I, along with my fellow Sweat Pink Ambassadors, took part in an interview for National Running Day! Thanks to Kristen at Jonesin' for a Run for sharing this FAB idea with us all!

As part of the celebrations, Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series is offering a $20 discounts.
If you use my rocknblogger code *CRANTINA* you get $15 this is a GREAT deal!
Not sure WHAT runs they are discounting but check it out HERE.  #whyrunningrocks 

National Running Day Interview! 

1. Why do you run?
I run to burn off the bitchy. I run to get sweaty. I run to dig deep and find my FABulous. I run to have coffee or see my friends. I run for laughs and for the amazing scenery. I run for clarity. 

2. How do you plan to celebrate National Running Day?
I just had a big weekend of running...but I will be off and running tomorrow night. I plan on 10k or so!

3. How many miles have you run so far this year?
oh boy.... over 500km

4. What big events do you have on the race calendar so far this year?
I have run RnR Arizona, Rocky Mountain Soap Women's Run (halfmara and 10k), Calgary Marathon (halfmara and 5k). I have 5Peaks Trail Run Series (May-Sept) and several Trail runs as well. I am excited for RnR Vancouver and Vegas in October and November as well!

5. Before I leave for a run you must have
...some water, EnergyBits and my watch. If I am alone, then my iPod. Otherwise I do not run with music.

6. Do you have one favorite app to track your runs?
I currently use the Nike app.

7. Who is your favorite running partner?
I often run alone. But I have a few pals I do love to run with. My friend Michael is always game for trails, Susan is down for runch, Cori is my partner in coffee crime, Sue is someone who keeps me on my paces. And my bestie Tara and I often run same races together. But she is waaay faster than me.

8. What races have you ran so far this year?
Jan 17: RnR Arizona - 5km - Phoenix, AZ
Jan 18: RnR Arizona - Half Marathon - Phoenix, AZ
Mar 1: Crave Cupcake Chase 5 miler - Calgary, AB

Mar 15: Original St. Patrick's Day Road Race 10k - Calgary, AB
Mar 22: Run for L'Arche - 5 miler - Calgary, AB
April 11: MEC Race - 15k - Calgary, AB
May 2: Eyeball the Wall - 30k - Calgary, AB
May 9: 5Peaks Trail Series - Sikome Lake, Calgary, AB
May 23: RMS Womens Run - Half Marathon - Canmore, AB
May 24: RMS Womens Run - 10km - Canmore, AB
May 31: Calgary Marathon - Half Marathon and 5km - Calgary, AB

9. If you had to give someone one piece of advice about running what would it be?
Enjoy the miles. Be Present. Take it one mile at a time. And, never ever get caught up in comparing your run (or progress) with anyone else's journey. It is something that is all yours!

10.  Describe your relationship with running in one word:
(mostly love)

Friday, 29 May 2015

FABFriday: CalMara Party time

It's #FABFriday

It's #tapertime
The paparazzi have been going crazy over here as we prep for the BIG day...
Good thing Patsy and Eddie know how to #keepitreal when the paps are knocking at the door.
#stayFAB ladies!

Only 2 sleeps til CALGARY MARATHON! Time to party, run, celebrate! #RunYYC

Have a FAB weekend! I am spending mine working at the Run Expo with CEP and 5Peaks, tweeting up and going to pahhhhrrrties running! Yes! All the running awaits. 
Friendship/Shakeout Run at 9 am  - EauClaire
Tweet-Up to follow
Speaking at the expo - Saturday at 1pm
Yes, I'm kinda a big deal (Can you hear the ridiculous laughter?)
Running the half Sunday at 630am and 5km at noon!

What are your FAB plans??

Life. It's Fabulous.

Embrace it. Love it.
Celebrate All the Awesome!
Laugh yer arse off.