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Monday, 4 May 2015

Keep Calm: It's My Birthday Run

Saturday was a bit of a big day. I ran a race (whoa, shocker I KNOW). I seem to run a few. 

When the Eyeball the Wall race was announced I was immediately IN! On my birthday AND perfect timing for the half marathon. I could do the 15km and have that training run done! Perfect. Then...there was the " IS your birthday give yourself a challenge." Do. The. 30. Was the suggestion. I'll ponder it, I said. And then someone registered me. um. Well then. 
And so I adjusted my training plan. For the most part, I was pleased with the runs leading up to it. This would not be a race for speed, it would be a damn yeh i CAN kind of run. So, especially after a terrible bout with the flu, I really wasn't sure this would be pretty. I ha been in bed for a week, missed two weeks of long runs...and was nervous. In order to see if I was going to be "ok" I did three back-to-back" runs - they were just over 10km, 8km and 11km. I knew it would be tough, but I was confident I would finish...but not in the nice little goal I had in my brain. Just keep moving.

The morning of the race was pretty good. But a tad chilly. Mother nature decided to blow in. The wind was cold. I ended up wearing another layer (a vest) cause it was so damn windy. We got there super early and got a park spot. And a pee break. Within 20 minutes there was a little line for potties!
And then we waited for the race to start. 
Selfies with Tara, Rachel and Sue were a must! 

Off we went... (photo by Dawn)
I felt grat and was pleased with my pace the first 15k. 
Even after that turnaround for the net few was good too. 

On the way back out for final 15k I ran into Jenny and then Dawn who were finishing their 15k race!
 And Dawn snapped this one of me (still smiling at 19km- good sign) 
Then...I saw the wall. I gave it the eyeball and kept movin right towards...
... the 20km aid station - where I was SUPER happy to see BANANAS! 
All the aid stations were great, every 5km so it was really helpful to focus on keeping energy up!

Just after that, I ran into Karen -- her cheers and humour buoyed me
24km was tough, but I knew i was nearing another aid station and ...then... a nice big old downhill (massive downhill really) where I would enter weasel head. This meant some great views
And then just another few K to finish....
Keep on moving - UP and onwards  on that hill to take me out of weaselhead and to the finish! 
Those last 3km sucked but were also good. It was a little mind wrestling activity. 
But. I . Got. It. Done. 
I was so flipping happy to see the finish...
yes, 30 mins off my goal time. But, given the past few weeks, I am pleased. 
And I could hear everyone singing happy birthday - so sweet! 
And as you can clearly see the medal and the cupcakes Jenny made were also sweet! 

Even though I had peeps waiting for me to go for breakie, I chose to get a post-race massage. 
Best Decision Ever. 
Then off we went for breakfast: mimosa and eggs bennie! 
 Yup It was a great Birthday!

Friday, 1 May 2015

FABFriday: Run Faaaast!


Hooray, Hooray! It's the First of MAY! <----- clink that link for an awesome throwback
Yes, it's #FABFriday

Tomorrow is my BIRTHDAY
... so i figured I HAD to do something FAB
Holy shit. Tomorrow I am running 30km. That is just a little over 18 miles.
18.65 miles to be precise.
Are you off for a run? Long or short...walk or sprint?
OR, are you just having cake and bubbles?

I sort of figured that I owed it to myself to do something FAB and well... EARN that cake.
(is it wrong that I have a bottle of bubbles chilling to imbibe in at the FINISH?)

Except that right now I am having a panic attack over this whole GD thing.
I am besieged with thoughts of not being good enough. That I cannot possibly do this. 
Why on EARTH did I sign up. WTF. Up until pre-flu, I was well on my way to doing this with a big smile. 
Why the anxiety? sod it. I must stop right now and BREATHE. DEEPLY. 

What the hell! You only turn 47 erm 37 once, right?? HA! 
Do you have any FAB plans this weekend? 

Life. It's Fabulous.
Embrace it. Love it.
Celebrate it, sweetie!
Laugh yer arse off.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

#RunYYC: Calgary Mara Fun & Medal Reveal

As many of you all know, (well my few lovely readers do that is) I am registered for the Calgary Marathon's HalfMarathon.

This is gonna be my 36th half ... and I am excited.

For the most part, (with the exception of the nasty ass flu that put me down for well over a week) my training has gone well. I have just under 5 weeks to go and am feeling great about it.

Not sure I will kill a personal best - but I am CERTAIN I am going to have fun and make the most of a great weekend of awesomeness.

I was feeling so great that I decided to add a little challenge to the halfmara madness.

I decided to run the 5k race, too. On the same day. After I am done the half. 
Yes, the one that starts about 5 hours after said halfmara. 
I shall bring a change of clothes and stretch and then go out and be FAB!
I heard the Jenny was doing it, so I was mulling it over. 
Then when Susan said she was doing it....well ---> HELLO FOMO

I knew that then I HAD to take part in all the fabulous! 
And, well, then I get two medals. What's not to like?

so .... speaking of medals
I KNOW you are dying to check em out. In case you didn't see the tweets at tonight's launch...may I present some FAB eye candy for you all:
 The Shirts! 
 Need another look??
 Aaaaand #allthebling 
Who's with me in saying they look pretty awesome!!
Mountains in 3D? 
I will be taking home these BEAUTIES!
Halfmarathon followed by the 5km!
What distance are you running on May 31st? The 50k, the mara, the half, 10k or 5k?
How's your training going? 
Are you excited? See you at the expo - and hopefully at the race!! 

Monday, 27 April 2015

Weekend Update: Fresh Air YES!

And now it's time for the Weekend Update
I have to say that despite not getting out of bed from Friday (before last) to last Thursday, I was so excited for the weekend. I know I called it manflu - but I used that term as I was so abjectly pathetic-ly sick. Like near death. Super whiney. At least I live alone. I spend a lot of time feeling rather sorry for myself. By Friday, I couldnt wait to get outside and get some fresh air. I was gagging for it.
I still had that lingering cough, but dammit, I needed to get out and try for a run. I knew that a 23k was not in the cards after being so flat out sick for several days, but I felt I could start out and see where the run would take me.

Saturday morning I got in just over 10k. Whoo hoo. There was some crazy coughing - but this virus seems to be all about the hacking and wheezing dry cough. I took my prescribed 'puffer" which I used once on the run. Overall it was a slow pace, took walk breaks but got the miles in and felt strong the whole time. Sort of gaining happiness along the way.

This sign has been on the lawn
for 2 years

Ran through Bowness - a older community that is along the river. Parts of that area were badly damaged by the floods two years ago and it is still pulls at your heart to see thank you signs still all over the community.

I felt so strong at the end, I really wanted to do more. But thought...I shall go Sunday and try to do the same distance. I figured that maybe dipping my toes in slowly might be a preferable idea rather than one giant long run.

Glad I ran Sunday. The temperature was much warmer and the wind had died right down. It was a super pleasant morning for a run. We misjudged the mileage and only went 8.5km.
But it was not as slow as the day before. So was so happy with how great it felt to be out and about. And ALIVE.

And even better was how awesome the sun felt AFTER the run
 Not to mention the Caesar.
Don't worry a few hours later, I did follow up with a nice green smoothie! 

I have to work Tuesday and Thursday so switched run days to Monday and Wednesday this week.

Then I shall "taper" - haha. This switch up is probably best since I have a 30km race (which I am treating like a LSD run) on Saturday. So a few days of rest before the birthday run will be grand.
Yes. 30km on my birthday. I mean, why not?
To be truthful, I am not sure I should run this 30k so soon after being so sick. It really took the wind out of my sails. I need to think about it and decide by Thursday. I don't feel under-trained, but I just worry that I am still recovering...should I be do that much if I am not 100%??

aaaand while I am at it...might as well give you the Monday run lowdown. Yup, running on a little tired legs - though really they don't feel tired. But The temperature tonight were GLORIOUS! Seriously awesome - 15 degrees warmer than the weekend!!! whooohooo. Love a spring night run.
I took the opportunity to wear a new run vest - Thanks to my peeps at New Balance Canada and a new pair of capris - I had to get with a gift card that's been burning a hole in my pocket for months! And of course they match the vest.  I figured I would give my NB gear a go and look and feel fab. In fact, I was too warm!!! whooohoooo.

The run felt great. Got in 11km. And my legs feel awesome. But i still am coughing....not sure about that 30km. hmmmm. must mull it over.

What did you get up to this past weekend?  
Anything FAB?
Have you ever changed distance before a race last minute due to illness?

Friday, 24 April 2015


I have said it before ... seek out what makes you happy.

Running, by all means, does that for me. But, sometimes, not just the run, but the social aspect, or the friendship aspect, or the fun pre-race and post-race aspect is what also makes me happy.

Having a bit of a retrospective week this week - being sick and all. No running. No breathing. I am trying to visualize upcoming runs. Deep breathe and relaaaaxxx. I hope to get out for a bit tonight. And this weekend. And, looking at my happy pics makes me less PANICY about missing a whole week of running.

I love that when I run (or walk or drive) I sometimes see signs. They make me smile. Sometimes I am lucky enough to snap a pic, if the timing is right. You have all seen my signature #signSelfie!
I like to look for the beauty or the unusual or the quirk on my runs, or when I walk to work. 
They give me a little lift - sometimes just what is needed at that very moment.

Sometimes when I am about to start a run - or finish a run -- I look at my wrist and see a message. 
I LOVE signs on the run - interpret however you like - if it makes me double take, I stop and snap.
They can be art.
Or graffiti -- Hey, whatever lifts you!
Nature is a clear sign - a message of beauty. And a the best way to unwind is a run outdoors. 

I am lucky to live near the river pathways - walking or running along them means great sights. 
I love running in new places, too. Exploring cities and nature is the BEST! 
And, am super lucky that I am close to the mountains - less than an hour's drive
 and I am surrounded by beauty. 
Races, running, hiking. A walk through the familiar or the new. 
I love it when I finish a run and can chill with a view!
You have to stop and take in the moment. 

Hope you liked a few of my 'signs' and that they made you smile! I often use #seenonmyrun when I post to InstaGram, so look for may more to come.

Do you have a fave place to run?
Are there some great signs/art/sights in your neighbourhood?