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Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Calgary Mara Update

It's the morning of my 17th half marathon. 

I am up by 5 am. Outta the house by 6 am. I have pee'd at least 3 times. 

I am hitting the grounds by 6:30. This place is a zoo...then again there are several thousand peeps running this morning! 

Arrive at race early. First Stop: PORTAPOTTY!!
It's cooler than I thought, but sunny. So it will get warm. I am excited and nervous. I make a choice that morning to not run with a pace bunny. I choose not to start with the 2:30 pacer. And figure I will rock it. 

I have a lofty goal: I want to hit under 2:24. 

I ran 2:25 last June and October. I have been running a a consistent pace for 10km...but been running a bit slower in my LSD runs. But I know I can. It is just that I have trouble pacing myself. 

I am strong, and I know I will not be two and a half hours. So off we go...
There is a hell of a lotta peeps in front of me! Let`s GO! 
So it goes pretty well. Well, meaning I am ahead of pace. Instead of pulling back, I keep going.

The first kilometre is under 6 minute pace.


Maybe not my brightest moment in hindsight. The next 5km are all done at under 6:45 pace. Each kilometre ranges between a low of 6:13 to a high of 6:48.  Holy SHIT. I end up hit 10km mark at 1:07:27

I think I shouldn't have looked at the watch. I'm excited. Distracted.

I see-saw the next few kilometres between 6:55 to 7:20. Jebuz. Why can't I just bloody stick to a pace???

I am now super frustrated and the mind is wandering. THIS is what frustrates me. Why can't I be consistent. Normally I don't have a race where i consistently go down in pace. HA!!! well serves me right for not slowing down from the get go. DAMN!

I think I am visibly pissed off when the 2:30 pace bunnies (both of them) pass me with 3 kilometres to go. They end up finishing several minutes before the anticipated pace.

Let me tell ya...was I PISSED at myself for not running with them from the start. Had I done so I would have cracked 2:24 and had a PB....or not...since nothing in a race is a given.

My 19th and 20th kilometre pretty much blow...but I batten down the hatches and finish with a 6:56 pace for my last kilometre. THANK GAWD. Again. Not my best, but I run like hell down the last stretch.

I am certain I am well over the 2:30 time frame, given the pacers passing me so far back....but not! Huzzah. My watch tells me i am around the 2:28 number. And then a while later I find my official time. Which ends up being my THIRD best time.

I feel amazing when I cross the finish line. I know it's not a best time, but I do feel good. More than anything I am frustrated with me. And my inconsistency. But still. I stewed about it for a good 24 -36 hours. GAH!!!!!!!

Then I think about it. A 2:27 finish isn't BAD. It just isn't my BEST.

But. It is my BEST of the year. And its early in the year. So I need to chill. AND enjoy the run. So quit being pissy.

I'll do some trail runs, sweat it out...get in some faster 10kms and work on that pace and endurance. I have my first trail half in a month. Then another long trail run in 6 weeks.

These runs won't be about speed, but about pushing to new heights and distances in rugged terrain. Spend July and August with some speed work. And, come September - October: I'll go after that 2:15 with some gusto. If I keep this up I can get it done. Just be steady in the training!

Don't look at the HAIR!!

One of my FAV parts of a long the CHEER STATIONS! 
What keeps YOU going in a long run? 

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