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Monday, 3 November 2014

Ragnar Vegas - an Ultra Adventure

AGES ago BEFORE I  ran RagnarSoCal in April , I applied to run Ragnar Las Vegas .... (my application is here
Well hot damn. That time has finally come. I have been futzing around and running like a demon and looking for a job (and not writing much in prep for the big adventure)!

The time has finally come!

Tina Fab is HITTING the STRIP! 

 well FIRST we are running our arses off! 

I will be runner 1!! My first ragnar I was runner 12. And amazing experience to bring home the team. And in my last one - in New York- I was the 6th runner in the Ultra team, and finishing that was pretty sweet. In both those races I had decent mileage - 21 miles and then 28 miles.

In Vegas I get to START the party and have over 34 miles to log. My first two legs add up to 12 miles (ummm with a 3800 foot elevation drop)  - coming down Mt Charleston running through Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest. Who knew Vegas had a "mountain" and some snow?  My next set of legs add up to 12.5 miles - starting at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area Passing through bonnie Springs Ranch. These 4 legs are not in town or anything. So I am expecting some fantastic scenery. I finish with my last two legs (10 miles) in and around Henderson and the River Mountain Loop Trail! Thinking this is some serious badassery! I have been training with a whole lotta miles and back to back to back runs. I hope I am ready for this...eek.

I have never run that many miles in a two day period. I have come close with my training, but think I am ready to tackle it and remain strong on all the legs. And not die. BONUS! And, it appears only have one leg with an appreciable incline. WHEW!!!

I should introduce you to the team...sponsored by Bondi Band
Inspired by Bond, James Bond. 

This fab design was created by Katie - our teams uber talented designer! 

We are all gonna be Miles Galore.
C'mon...take a Bond Girl ... make em a runner name can do it! 
I am excited to meet (though I already know two of the team) and run with the other FAB members of my team - #BONDiGirls:
Amy (my Tough Chik sister) who can also be found on Twitter and IG
Cherie who blogs at Overactive Blogger and can also be found on Twitter and IG
Camille who blogs at Running with Scissors and can also be found on Twitter and IG
Angela who blogs at Cowgirl Runs and can also be found on Twitter and IG
Katie who can also be found on Twitter and IG and at Chase This Skirt!

Is VEGAS READY for all the FABulous?? 
Is Ragnar?? Is the World??
Oh yes. This is gonna be FREAKING AWESOME!

Oh and remember Donnie - mascot of the #littlebloggybluebirds and Banff Ekiden relay fame?
He is also dreaming of Vegas! My fab pal Cori created this Donnie Masterpiece when she she heard that Ange had seen Donnie in Action at another one of my relays ...and requested he join the team! 
Watch for Donnie's adventures on my Instagram. #donniedoesvegas is gonna trend. 

I would not be doin this race without our amazing sponsors!
So indulge me while I give em a massive shout out:
  • The wonderful Bondi Band folks who have generously sponsored our team entry, hotel, van and some new awesome team gear! Find em also on Twitter and IG
aaaaaand also:
  • ENERGYbits: These little green spirulina pills have been keeping me on the go for a while. I am excited to share and introduce my teammates to being #poweredbybits! 
  • Chase This Skirt: The wonderful Katie has made us awesome skirts that will rock out our look! Find her on FB and Twitter, too! 
  • I am a lover and a regular user of Vega and so pumped they hooking us up with #vegasport and #vegaone products! #fuelyourbetter, indeed!!  Check em out on Twitter and IG.
  • Clif Bar Company have provided us with a whole lotta Bloks, Bars and Mojo for the race. We are totally gonna be able to #meetthemoment with Clif! Find em on Twitter and IG, too.
  • Krave Jerky: One of my fav snacks after a run! yum for protein. Hey, did you know Meb is a spokesperson? Check em out on Twitter or IG
  • Nuun Hydration: Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE me some nuun! So happy they are helping us hydrate. Show em some #nuunlove on Twitter or IG
  • I am a lover and a regular user of Vega and so pumped they are gonna hook us up with some #vegasport and #vegaone products! #fuelyourbetter, indeed!!  Check em out on Twitter and IG.
  • KT Tape is gonna wrap us up in some love, too! Check em out on Twitter and IG.
  • ShowerPill: we are sooo gonna need these awesome athletic body wipes during the 36 hours in the van - no showering and a whole lotta running! Shower em with love on IG or Twitter

  • Thank You SO MUCH to all our fab sponsors for the wonderful product we have been given! 
    We are gonna smell fantastic, be energized, hydrated, taped up if need be, and happily snacking in our van!! 
    Also random point here - in Ragnar Adirondacks I discovered using KT tape on my back to allievate some heat induce bra chafe. BEST idea everrrrr!

    Have you done a Ragnar? Run Vegas?
    Cheer us on! 
    #RagnarLV             #RagnarVegas
    #BONDiGirls           #teambondiband


    1. Sounds like you have a great weekend ahead! Good luck and have fun!

    2. Have an amazing race my friend!! Wish I was there with you and the team! As the miles go by reflect on how much fun you are having!!

    3. You guys sound so organized! Looks to be a fab weekend and I can't wait to hear/read all about it. Good luck ladies!